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Escape Rooms Island Phobia Game Rules

  Everything looks like you are inside a computer game. But this is a real room with real things in it.

  Your goal is to escape the room you were locked up in. You will need to solve any sorts of puzzles, explore caches, use tips wisely, use available stuff and finally find the keys and open the door.

  You will have one hour only to escape the room. Try to use your logic, attention and teamwork to challenge yourself and explore a pleasure of escaping the room.

Dragon's Ring

  Every our Escape Room is an unique adventure for groups of 2 to 4 people. Some tasks will require cooperative actions from you. You don't need academic knowledge or physical strength, but you definitely will need your logical thinking and pay attention to details.

  You always can ask for the hint or any help if you are stucked with the puzzle or if you want to leave the room. Our staff is always ready to help you. Please, abstain from drinking alcohol before game.

  Inspectors have the right not to let you participate in the game if your alcohol intoxication is higher than 0,25 per milles.

Bank Robbery

  You can do everything you want inside our Escape Rooms without fisical force. You can use all the props inside the Room if you think that it is necessary to solve the next puzzle.

  What if a person suffers from claustrophobia?
  You can participate in the game even if you actually have this disorder. Rooms are spacious enough with sufficient amount of light and air conditioning. All rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones and our operators are ready to help you anytime.